What are ROM Packs - ROM Sets?

ROM Packs - Rom Sets are collections of distinct ROM images that are necessary to mirror certain games. Often, people might find them interesting to try out arcade video games. The information present on a video game cartridge, for example, graphics, sound, animations, texts, etc. is known as the “ROM Image”. It is possible to create a secondary file comprising of the same information as the ROM by copying them and storing them. Furthermore, these pieces of original ROM files put together in a collection have a name as a ROM Pack - ROM Set.

You might have wanted to try out games from a long back and these make it possible for you to emulate the same features that were present in the original game as the copies made from the ROMs have the same coding. Most arcade games have their information and coding packed up in a ZIP file. The majority of these ZIP files are comprised of greater than one single ‘ROM’ file. This the reason why you might see some references to an arcade game as ROM, while on the other hand, many like to call an independent game a ROM Pack or Rom Set.

How to Download the Latest ROM Packs - Sets?

The first step to download the latest Rom Packs is to narrow down what emulator you might be using currently. Roms are often version-sensitive which means that a certain version of Rom Pack will run smoothly on a certain version of an emulator. Once you have narrowed down the choice of game console that you’d like to play on, download an emulator from the internet. Furthermore, please always check for malware as these files often contain viruses. After downloading the emulator, you are halfway there! You now have the platform required to play your favorite arcade games on your computer.

Now for the most important part. Go ahead and download the ROMs for your desired old-school games. Make sure you download the ROMs from a reliable site so that your computer does not get infected with viruses. When finished downloading the ROMs, extract the files from the ZIP folder. To clarify, you need to do this and make the data files of the game available for your Emulators to run flawlessly. In addition, you can find various websites on the internet that offer a huge collection of Rom Packs. However, you can always download the ZIP files for the ROM Packs from our website for free.

Are these Full ROM Sets?

Full ROM Sets are a huge collection of all the available game data for a certain version of an emulator. Full ROM Collections are often large and can extend up to terabytes. Furthermore, these are widely available on the internet but may require buying to access their full potential. To clarify, most of the above-mentioned ROM Packs are not full ROM Sets. They are the ROM Sets of certain games that you might have chosen to play.

Full ROM Sets often come as all the ROMs that are available for a certain version of an emulator. One problem with full ROM Sets is the fact that they often contain unnecessary games. As a reason of that, there might be files which some people don't want to have. Also, this just increases the space required to store these ROMs on your computer. For example, there are multiple versions of different ROM sets out there on the internet. You just need to choose what's best for you! On the other hand, if you want a custom-built ROM set, you need to put out request on our request page.

How the Name came into Use?

The basic terminology for ROM stands for Read Only Memory, which gives us a hint of what this is about. The files that made up the games were put on certain chips that were not rewritable considering the ROMs were not impaired completely and were “Read Only”. Therefore, it was necessary to make a copy of the data to redevelop and restore a damaged chip became to be called a “ROM Image” or ROMs. A collection of these data were later termed as a ROM Pack - ROM Set. You can find these ROM Packs on our website. Just go through the page and you will find exactly what you are looking for! Above all, it is completely free to download the ROM Packs!

Formatting of Arcade ROMs:

There are four main ways to format an arcade game ROM: Full Non-Merged ROM: Every ZIP file here contains all the information needed to run the game. Thus some ROM Packs may contain files that are singly. The ZIPs also contains all the data from the parent or main ROM Packs as well as the BIOS Files. Non-Merged ROM: Same as full non-merged ROMs, you can use each ROM Collections as a standalone as each zip file comprises all the information needed to run the game. The ZIPs also contains the data from the parent romsets, with the exception of BIOS Sets.

Split: These ROM Collections require a parent ROM set to run smoothly as they are mostly clones or translations of the original ROMs. The initial release or the most used variant of a game is often considered as the parent version. Splits are required when parent ROM Collections may have had glitches or it just wasn’t too popular. Merged: Copies of different ROMs are merged into the parent or main ROMSet which results in the storage of multiple games per ZIP file. Therefore, this may cause crashes and glitches and is not recommendable.


ROM Collections are an integral part of life for someone who would love to try out different games from the past. To clarify, it makes everything easier for you by allowing you to play some popular games from even 20 to 30 years back.

ROM Packs - ROM Sets

You should always take caution before deciding to download a ROMSet as they might often contain malware and other viruses that may result in your computer being rendered malfunctioning. However, downloading legit ROM Collections are fairly easy now! You just need to access a wide database of different collections of ROMS from a lot of sites available! Furthermore, to make things easier for you, you can download these exclusive ROM Collections from our website and enjoy them on your preferred version of the emulator! In the end, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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