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If all you can think is how to download the best and most popular PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-16 ROMset (ROM Pack), you are at the right place! From start to finish, we have a huge library of knowledge just focusing on this console and how it performed in the real world in terms of specifications, games, user acceptance and above all, competition from other famous consoles! Furthermore, we hope that you have a curious mind with a heavy focus as this is going to get interesting with all the details we are going to throw left and right about PC Engine and the ROM Packs.

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-16 ROMSet/ROM Pack: What is it?

Even though the console was not so popular, users can still experience what it was like by emulating the games on an emulator with PC Engine CD ROMset! These are basically files that contain the data of the games in ROM format. Multiple game files are in each ROMset, ergo the “PC Engine ROMs Pack.”

The PC Engine CD ROMset is very handy when it comes to trying out the games from the TurboGrafx-16, You can download the ROM Packs from our website and run them from your handheld device too!

How to Download the PC Engine CD ROMSet/ROM Pack for Free?

We provide the links to the best TurboGrafx-16 ROMSet. Therefore, at the very bottom of this page, you will find a set of download links that will lead you to your target upon clicking! Download the PC Engine CD ROMset for Free with just one click on the links and enjoy unlimited access!

A Console that slowly faded amongst Brands

It is quite normal for gamers to not hear of the PC Engine console. Particularly, the device is also popular as TurboGrafx-16. Therefore, born in 1987 in Japan, this console is a creation from the period of the first series of gaming consoles. To clarify, we are talking about the 16-bit period. It was in the works for a long time by NEC Home Electronics and the console was seen to be receiving mixed public response.

With one console after another coming each year, the PC Engine series never saw any real success. Thus, the whole lineup was discontinued by the developers post 1994. Weak marketing and cheap advertisement is what led the consoles to fail terribly compared to other 4th generation consoles of the same time!

Inside out of the PC Engine CD Console

The PC Engine was armed with fairly powerful processors, using a Hudson Soft CPU. Furthermore, the CPU in itself was 8-bit but it was modified with two 16-bit graphics processors! As for the RAM goes, the machine had 8 KB of it, accompanied with 64 KB of video RAM! The console was also able to display 482 colors at the same time from a 512 color palette!

PC Engine CD works on a credit-card style cartridge format also known as the HuCard ROM system. Therefore, the cards of the ROMs and game titles have a place into the front of the console. In addition, much like most other arcade gaming stations.

PC Engine CD ROMSet Free Download

Further, several peripherals for the PC Engine were released with time, the initial being the TurboPad which consisted of a total of 7 different buttons to serve the purposes of playing games. With time, the TurboStick was brought into the market which basically acted as a sole joystick to play the games with. An extension cable is also available in later productions, called the TurboCable.

Some Famous Titles of the Console

In total, 686 games are available over the 7 year tenure that the PC Engine had! Furthermore, among these, the Bomberman, Adventure Island, Dungeon Explorer, Air Zonk, Splatterhouse, Alien Crush, etc have been successful among gamers.

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