Download Retropie ROMSet (ROMs Pack) with MAME ROMs for Free

Retropie ROMset or ROMs Pack is a modern collection of MAME & other ROMs of various arcade games that were played decades ago. Typically, the collection is similar to those of other retro gaming consoles, but there are some critical differences between this ROMset and those of different consoles. In this article, we elaborate further on what Retropie is, what its ROMs Pack, its features and how you can Download it for Free on your device to try out old fan-favourite arcade games!

What is Retropie ROMSet (ROMs Pack)?

You know all about the classic emulators that are available in the market. They can run ROMs that belong to a specific console. For example, the SNES emulator can only run games that are compatible on that very console and so on. However, Retropie is much different from these. Using Retropie, you can operate multiple emulators of other consoles to suit your retro gaming needs! Therefore, this gives you enough versatility in terms of choosing which game to play and which ROMsets to download!

Retropie ROMset, or commonly known as Pack, is a collection of ROMs (MAME) that can be run on emulators! MAME ROMs are special ROMs for Retropie that are much complicated than your regular ROMsets that belong to other consoles. As you know, ROMs have just mirrored images of the arcade games that were played on consoles. Furthermore, it is good to know that the MAME ROMs are playable on various emulators. This means that the games present in the MAME ROMs Pack for Retropie are from different consoles that have been copied from and saved over time in ROM files.

The Retropie ROMset is same as the MAME ones. In addition, they are a huge collection of ROMs of various games into one complete file. Furthermore, you need to know that this collection is only accessible and playable on the Retropie emulator. To clarify, it requires installing a Debian OS, as the emulator’s platform is Raspberry Pi.

How to Download Retropie ROMSet (ROMs Pack) with MAME ROMs?

Downloading this ROMs Pack can be a bit harder compared to all other ROMset we have seen. However, it is not impossible, and it can also be downloaded from the internet in a little bit of time. The reason we are saying it because MAME ROMset can run only on specific versions of the Retropie emulator. Therefore, that means that the Pack will have to be updated repeatedly as newer versions of the emulator emerge.

As usual, the best option for you to download the ROMset is to visit our website. On this page, you see a lot of information about the Pack, and this is where you should be. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page will show a link to click if you want to Download the latest ROMs Packs for the Retropie emulator. Our ROMsets are updated regularly for your convenience, and hence, you can download them from our website without any worry! Our fast and secure servers act as icing on the cake to such a great feature!


The best feature of the Pack is that there are many games available across many arcade consoles that you would not find with other ROMset. To clarify, it is unique and special to the MAME ROMs Pack for Retropie only.

Retropie Romset - ROM Pack

Secondly, the ROMs on this ROMset are regulated on an everyday basis. Therefore, you can always look forward to the supreme quality of ROMs available in these ROMs Pack, composed of multiple game ROMs across several platforms!

It is also swift and easy to download the Retropie ROMset (ROMs Packs) on your device and play your favourite arcade games form different consoles again! That is all to say about this Romset.

Files available at: Available Links
Source: LINK 1
MediafireLink 2
Mega.nzLink 3
Google DriveLink 4
ZippyshareLink 5
DropboxLink 6

Note for the developers: Use this page to add or this page to remove any original game from the pack you are holding rights to. However, keep in mind that clones, remakes, or any other copyrighted games are strictly prohibited.

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