What is PSP BIOS and How to Legally Obtain it?

PlayStation Portable shortly known as the PSP has been on everyone’s minds in the past and you can still play the games of this glorious console if you have the BIOS at home and that can easily be obtained through purchasing the console. Even though it was a rather miniature console with limited capacities, it struck a certain rhythm in the hearts of millions of gamers and that is why emulators have been developed so that users can play the games. With the help of the system file of the PSP, even you can, just as easily, take a ride down memory lane and play your favorite games.

Take the edge away with the PSP BIOS

Do not be confused with the elaborate header. We only talk about PPSSPP since it is one of the best emulators to play and try out PSP games. It is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. The only job of the BIOS file of the console is to make sure that the games can be played smoothly. For example, on a device such as a computer or a laptop on a platform such as an emulator. PPSSPP BIOS or PSP BIOS does exactly that. In addition, it takes away every bit of worry that users might have. Of course, regarding the process by which the games might run on the emulator.

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Considering you already have the PSP BIOS on your device, it should be a cakewalk to set it up. You can be on your merry way by simply tapping and clicking to boot up the BIOS file from an emulator such as PPSSPP. Now, what makes gaming with the BIOS file different from gaming without one? Furthermore, you can read the answer to this question throughout the next paragraph, including the points that highlight why BIOS is absolutely vital for proper gaming on emulators.

Where to simply Download the PSP OR PPSSPP BIOS?

All the ROM Sets played on an emulator have internal data and information that need to be exchanged with the computer hardware. It is necessary so that the game, as well as the peripherals, are in sync and users do not have any issues controlling the contents of the game. In addition, without the BIOS Packs, it would not be possible. To clarify as it is the only file forming a connection between the game data and the hardware. It makes the gameplay smooth and also propels the audio to a much higher level. It also makes sure there aren’t any video deformities and just lifts the experience to whole another level. Overall, it is imperative to have the BIOS on your machine if you are to game on an emulator.

While there are many external sites available to download the BIOS file for PSP or PPSSPP, we advise you to not download anything from those sites. Instead, it would be the best option to download or purchase the original console or emulator from the real or official site. In addition, that website should provide you with the original BIOS and ready to use.

Console vs Emulator

One of the best portable consoles to be around for decades, the PSP still continues to be a household favorite. Many popular games such as WWE, GTA, Metal Gear Solid God of War, etc. have made their marks on the PSP.


Increasing demands for the PSP games on simpler or more affordable systems have made the development of PPSSPP possible. It is a free emulator that makes gaming on a laptop and also smartphone effortless. It also gives almost the same feeling as the PSP. You can achieve the best results if you have the BIOS at bay while playing the games.

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Files uploaded at:Available Links
MediafirePC (Windows) : Link 1, Android: Link 2; Mac : Link 3; Linux (Link 4)
Mega.nzPC (Windows) : Link 1, Android: Link 2; Mac : Link 3; Linux: Link 4
Google DrivePC (Windows) : Link 1, Android: Link 2; Mac : Link 3; Linux: Link 4
ZippysharePC (Windows) : Link 1, Android: Link 2; Mac : Link 3; Linux: Link 4
DropboxPC (Windows) : Link 1, Android: Link 2; Mac : Link 3; Linux: Link 4

Note: These are download links to PPSSPP along with the system files. We do not offer copyrighted PS BIOS Files on our server.

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