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The Complete Nintendo 64 ROMset or N64 ROM Pack is a series of ROMs that make it possible for you to indulge in your childhood nostalgia once again from the comfort of your computer. If you are trying to have a peek into all the great console games that you used to play on your Nintendo 64 as a schoolboy, you are at the right place! Furthermore, in this piece, we explore the N64 ROMsets and how you can avail them for your use!

What is Nintendo 64 ROMSet – N64 ROM Pack?

The N64 ROM Pack or commonly known as Nintendo 64 ROMset is a collection of ROMs of all the different games that could be played on the well-known gaming console Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 console was a severe and successful competitor to its rivals Sony and Sega. Furthermore, this glorious console uses the cartridge format like many of its predecessors and takes pride in smooth compatibility with most able ROM games.

N64 ROMset can also be termed as Nintendo 64 ROM Pack. Hence, the general idea of this is a series of games that were loaded onto chips in a cartridge. In addition, these games were played decades ago, and there was a sudden need in the past few years that they are reproduced to be used on a more versatile market. In addition, this is where ROMsets or ROM Packs come in. Furthermore, the game data were copied from the cartridges into files, and these files are known as ROMs. A supply of many different ROMs of a range of games is what is meant by a ROMset.

Furthermore, the N64 ROMset is the store of all the game ROMs that could be played on the Nintendo 64 console.

How to Download Nintendo 64 ROMSet – N64 ROM Pack?

Right now, after the previous section, you might be wondering how to get all the glorious N64 ROMs for your enjoyment. Well, do not worry! We have got you covered with our website! Therefore, as you might have guessed correctly, there are hundreds of websites on the internet that provide you with a vast collection of N64 ROMs to play on your computer. However, among all of them, ours is the best! To clarify, there are large numbers of illustrious and excellent game ROMSets available for you to choose from! Head over to the link on the page and click it to start downloading your favorite N64 ROM!

Please note that you will be needing an emulator to run the ROMs on your computer. Although you will require an emulator that runs all the N64 ROMsets specifically, there are many available for your use. When you have both the emulator and the ROMsets downloaded on your computer, just run the emulator and open the ROM to dive back into your favorite childhood games once again!

Our website has several fast and safe servers to download your ROM Pack from. Furthermore, clicking the links on this page will connect you to one of those to access and download the ROMs. For other types of ROMSets such as for DS, make sure to visit the appropriate page.


For those wondering why you might want to use the N64 ROMsets, this section clears out all the critical questions or doubts you might have over the N64 ROMs.

For starters, the ROMs in the N64 ROMsets have the same graphics and audio quality as the original games. There is no drop in quality, and so you will enjoy the games to their fullest!

Nintendo 64 ROMSet  - N64 ROM Pack

Secondly, the ROMset is easy to obtain and make use of, given that you have a working emulator on your PC and a legit source to download all the ROMsets from!

Lastly, the Nintendo 64 ROM Packs allow playing games that aren’t even in the actual console anymore. You can find these ancient and retro N64 games as ROMs available for you to try out on your emulator!


(This pack gets regular updates and new games)

File Uploaded at:Available Links
MediafireLink 1
Mega.nzLink 2
Google DriveLink 3
ZippyshareLink 4
DropboxLink 5

Note for the developers: Use this page to add or this page to remove any original game from the pack you are holding rights to. However, keep in mind that clones, remakes, or any other copyrighted games are strictly prohibited.

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