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Atari 2600, the more prominent game-station, has Free ROMset (ROM Pack) available for people and entertainment freaks out there to enjoy freely! If you are looking for a short and informative info-guide on what the Atari 2600 look like and what are its features, including the options of games that are available on that machine, you are at the right place! As an added bonus, we provide you with an extensive insight into the download links to the Atari 2600 ROMset and ROM Pack for you to download and emulate on your computer, smartphone, or any other suitable device of your choice.

Atari 2600 ROMset/ROM Pack

Because Atari 2600 is such an ancient console, gradually its prominence came to an end with better, modern consoles. However, the games always remained in the hearts of the players from decades ago. Furthermore, as a result of that, people are looking for collections of games – ROMsets.

Copies of the games from the cartridges were all compiled onto folders, which came to be called ROM Packs. These sets of ROMs have the games in their original phase. Therefore, this is allowing fans and enthusiasts to play their favorite games again!

Is this Atari 2600 ROMset Free to Download?

Before you head over to look for and download the Atari 2600 ROMset, you first need to install a emulator. Once you have an emulator installed, go over to the end of the page to find a series of links. Further, click any of them to get the best Atari 2600 ROM Pack in the internet.

Click the links to download the Atari 2600 ROMset from the server and relax your way to your childhood once again!

What was the Atari 2600 and how did it fare?

A home-based video gaming system by the works of Atari Inc, Atari 2600, or more commonly known as, Atari VCS wasn’t released until late 1977. When it finally came out for public use, the response was quite exciting! Of course it would be, as this is the console that used to accept and revolutionise the use of microprocessor-based hardware and the ability to store and play games based on ROM cartridges. Later models of Atari 2600 came out with a set of controllers to act as joysticks for better gameplay.

The console used to have new design several times. Therefore the outer casing material being elected as polystyrene for the better part of the production numbers of Atari 2600. There were difficulty switches right there on the bezels of the console. Furthermore, their positions were constantly revised over time to give it a modern look and feel. To complement all of these, the console was built up of a thinner plastic casing later in the years to come, to reduce the weight and make it easy on its users to carry around.

Available Games for this Gaming Console

Who has never heard of the name “Donkey Kong?” That is right, there is not one person in the world from the 80s who haven’t played this arcade game. In addition, this was the basis for the development of the Atari 2600 games as this game by Atari Inc is in arcade format. Therefore, it still holds the position as one of the most sought-after and desired piece of gaming history.

Complete Atari 2600 ROMset - ROM Pack

At the release of the console, there used to be nine games to accompany the grand console in cartridge format. Those included the Air-Sea Battle, Basic Math, Blakcjack, Combat , Indy 500, Street Racer, Starship, etc. Upon receiving promising reviews from players, Atari went onto make newer games. Furthermore, to turn your heads with one interesting fact. Pac-Man is game by Atari and is still one of the favorite game by may people around.


(This pack gets regular updates and new games)

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